Monday, May 9, 2011

Lung Cancer

The main reason behind Mesothelioma lung cancer is smoking and exposure to asbestos. Since these factors have key roles in developing this disease, it is assumed that people live in an environment which supports the prevalence of this disease. This cancer affects the cell walls of lung and causes inflammation there. These cell walls are generally known as Mesothelioma. The asbestos material contains natural microscopic fibers and they enter in to the body while inhaling. This is how lung cancer is affected on people who don’t have the habit of smoking. Asbestos are widely used in aluminum plants, oil refineries and chemical plants. Thus people working in these sectors often get exposed to asbestos and easily become prone to Mesothelioma lung cancer.
The symptoms of these diseases are very much similar to the symptoms of some other diseases. Hence proper detection of Mesothelioma lung cancer is really a task. Since it takes a long duration for emerging the symptoms of this disease, in most cases the primary stage of the disease would have passed when it is confirmed. X-ray, pathology, biopsy and surgery are the options commonly employed to confirm this disease. X-ray result is the primary indication of this disease. The general symptoms of this disease are chest pain and difficulty in breathing. If Mesothelioma lung cancer is detected in their early stages such patients can uphold their life by following the treatments advising by the concerned doctors.
Mesothelioma lung cancer patients can seek treatments from the respective cancer clinics and thereby they can extend the duration of life. Radiation treatment, chemotherapy and surgical resection are the common treatment options following by the doctors. Surgical resections are advised in the early stages of Mesothelioma lung cancer to remove cancerous growths. Since lungs are very important internal organs, surgical resections are referred in very rare occasions. The highly prevalent treatments regarding lung cancer are chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Patients have to undergo these treatments alternately as advised by the cancer specialists. These treatments are also advised to patients who have undergone surgical resections. By combining these treatments patients can expect considerable relief from Mesothelioma lung cancer.

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